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Zilla Rock Lair - Large

Rock Lairs - Large

The large sized Zilla Rock Lair is the ideal addition to your terrarium enclosure. The rock hideaway boasts a mossy, rough rock exterior that perfectly mimics that natural rock crevices and caves that many species of reptiles call home. The naturalistic shelter provides humidity for your treasured reptilians, as well as a dark den to feel safe that can also double as the ideal location for laying eggs. The Zilla Rock Lair has been designed to keep humidity from escaping, but the large entrance on the side of the enclosure allows fresh air to circulate through to prevent molding, as well as making it easy for your creatures to climb in the lair. The way the entrance is positioned against the wall of the rock lair helps to reduce the amount of light that can enter the shelter, making for a more legitimate "burrow" type environment. The shelter can be filled with different terrestrial mosses to provide a soft bed, burrowing abilities and a humidity booster to your pet. The rough texture of the shelter allows snakes and geckos to rub against it, helping to ease the process of irritating, shedding skin. 11" x 8" x 6"

Zilla Rock Lair - Large

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