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Tropifit Premium Plus Hamster - 750 g

Tropifit Premium Plus foods are complete formulas for small animals, with balanced diets featuring granules including grains, animal protein, fruits, and more. The texture and shape of these foods are designed specifically for each animal, wearing down teeth as needed and promoting healthy appetites. Flaxseed promote healthy skin and shiny fur, with fiber to regulate digestion and zeolite to reduce waste odours. These foods are vitamin-rich for long term health and immune system strength and do not contain GMOs, preservatives, flavour enhancers, added sugar, or aromas.

  • Healthy blend of grasses, alfalfa, dried vegetables, fruits and many more
  • Different shapes and textures lets pets wear down their teeth in a healthy, natural fashion
  • Probiotics and fiber help to regulate digestion and maintain optimal gut flora

Tropifit Premium Plus Hamster - 750 g

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