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Terrarium Cleaner

An all-purpose cleaner for reptile and amphibian habitats. Get a better look at your reptile's world without introducing harmful chemicals

R-Zilla Terrarium Cleaner adds a brilliant clear shine to glass, acrylic or any hard, shiny and non-absorbent surface, with a formula that is 100% natural  and contains no toxins, fumes or residues. The formula also adds a non-toxic deodorizer and anti-static ingredient that controls dust buildup. Use it on terrariums, water bowls, food bowls, plastic and silk plants, hiding places, cage  décor and furniture. Simply spray and rub  briskly with a soft cloth, polishing the surface  to a brilliant sheen.

    • Effective cleaner for a clearer view
    • 100% safe deodorizer, dust repellent
    • Quick and easy to use on any surface

Terrarium Cleaner

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