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Orange Cube Complete Cricket Diet - 6 oz

Do you struggle to feed a well balanced diet to your feeder insects? Well the Fluker's Orange Cube Complete Cricket Diet is the solution to all of your problems! This convenient, all in one formula contains highly nutritious ingredients such as kelp, spirulina and brewer's yeast in addition to vitamins E, B12, A, D3 and calcium carbonate to ensure that your feeder insects are kept as healthy as possible. This easily digestible diet can be used as a primary food source for all feeder insects and contains food, vitamins and water. Comes in a 6 oz container.


It is advised to feed crickets for at least 24 hours to ensure that all nutrients have been absorbed and can be ingested by your pet reptile or amphibian. Store in a cool, dry place. Refrigerate after opening.

Orange Cube Complete Cricket Diet - 6 oz

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