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Hydei Flightless fruit fly culture
Drosophila hydei are another commonly encountered fruit fly in the hobby. Hydei measure about 1/8”, and are quite a bit larger and ‘meatier’ than D. melanogaster – perfectly suited for dart frogs that prefer larger prey items, or other pets including tropical fish and small birds with similar needs.

Hydei Flightless fruit fly culture

  • Drosophila hydei are about 1/8" and are an ideal food for poison dart frogs, fish, praying mantis, young frogs and toads, and other reptiles, amphibians, or captive animals that require small foods. Each culture is made with OUR PROVEN High Yield FRUIT FLY MEDIA containing all the vitamins, minerals, and color enhancers that your pets need to thrive. For optimal production Fruit Fly Cultures should be kept around 70-80F.
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