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Chahoua Gecko (Mossy Gecko) with Red Markings

Scientific Name: Mniarogekko chahoua

Origin: New Caledonia and small surrounding islands
Size: 7"-10" head to tail
Lifespan: 15-20 years

Chahoua geckos are a nocturnal, omnivorous, arboreal lizard native to the islands of Grande Terre and Isle of Pines in New Caledonia. Although they are arboreal, chahoua geckos tend to spend more time in the shaded understory of the forest rather than up in the canopy.

Chahoua geckos are among the larger New Caledonian geckos, reaching 10-12”/25-31cm long. They have a large triangular head, blunt snout, large lidless eyes, vertical pupils, velvety skin, sticky toe pads with claws, and a muscular prehensile tail. Coloring is generally mottled with various shades of green, brown, and pink, with some darker markings, giving the impression of moss or lichen.

Chahoua Gecko (Mossy Gecko) with Red Markings

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