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Activated Carbon 22 oz

A special blend of highly activated carbon - an economical filter carbon for the tropical fish hobbyist. Removes colors, odors & poisonous waste from fresh and saltwater aquariums. Can be used in all filter cartridges.

Activated Filter Carbon is a high grade activated carbon made especially for filtering aquarium water. It has 50 times the adsorptive power of any filter coal or charcoal. Activated Filter Carbon removes organic waste that stress tropical fish and discolor aquarium water. Activated Filter Carbon has been prewashed and placed in a heat-sealed container to keep it free of contamination. Use 1/2 cup of rinsed Activated Filter Carbon for each ten gallons of aquarium water--can be used in all filter cartridges, with undergravel filters, corner filters or with Nylon Filter Media Bag. Replace Activated Filter Carbon every 30 days--or sooner if unusual odor or color is detected.

Creates clear pond water by removing discoloring substances, as well as pesticides that may accidentally drift into the pond. Removes dissolved organic compounds that cause surface foaming, low pH and reduced oxygen levels

Keeps water crystal clear

Works in any filter

Removes organic waste and contaminants

Creates clearer, cleaner, healthier water

Activated Carbon 22 oz

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